ThingLink Teacher Challenges

ThingLink Summer Challenge 2018

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ThingLink Summer Challenge 2017

ThingLink Summer VR Challenge 2016

We launched the best ThingLink Summer Teacher Challenge ever at ISTE 2016 in June. Follow the hashtag #TLChallenge on Twitter, Join our Google+ Community and get ready for this multi-level challenge designed collaboration among classroom teachers and EdTech coaches!

All Summer VR Challenge Posts:


Summer Teacher Challenge 2015

Intro: 3 Reasons to Take the Next ThingLink Teacher Challenge

Week 1: Design Your Digital Self

Week 2: Collect and Curate Incredible Content

Week 3: Create a Collaborative Student Project

Week 4: ThingLink UnPlugged: Capture Learning on the Go

Week 5: Engage Students with ThingLink Video

More: Unpacking Google Apps for the Teacher Challenge


Summer Teacher Challenge 2014

Intro: 3 Reasons to Take the ThingLink Teacher Challenge

Week 1: Get Started

Week 2: Design Your Digital Self

Week 3: Digging Deeper Into Vocabulary

Week 4: Create an Interactive Map

Week 5: Flip It with ThingLink for Video

Week 6: ThingLink UnPlugged to Extend the Classroom Walls

Week 7: Turn it Up a Notch with Sound

Week 8: Engage Students in Informed Decision Making

Week 9: Create a Portfolio Channel

Week 10: Collect, Curate and Share Interactive Images

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