A ThingLink PD Toolkit of Resources

This summer I spent much of my work time helping educators learn to embrace the power of ThingLink as a tool for Teaching and Learning. Along the way, I created a wealth of resources using a variety of formats to accommodate the learning needs of busy teachers. 

The resources created have been collected and curated into one interactive image. I believe they are valuable for personal learning needs, as well as for use during professional development offerings. They were created to be shared and reused.

Explore, Share and Reuse This Interactive Image

Feel free to embed this interactive image into your own digital space. You can use, remix and share the resources when working with other educators to save yourself the time and trouble of reinventing the wheel. Enjoy!


Spin Xpress: Search for Creative Commons Images

Students today have had easy access to a tremendous amount of multimedia content for their entire lives and it’s fairly safe to say that they can be careless about using it. When asked to create multimedia projects for school, many students simply search topics and use whatever they can find without giving much thought to copyright unless it has been addressed and reinforced by their teachers. It’s never too early to start teaching students about copyright, fair use and Creative Commons.

Spin Xpress – Search for CC Licensed Media

Spin Xpress is a website that allows people to collaborate and share media. One of the features offered is a search engine that allows users to search for media by CC license type. After teaching students about CC licenses, this is a great tool for students. Embed it into your blog, wiki or website and provide students with quick and easy access to images that have CC licenses.


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