Collaborative Projects

VoiceThread Book Reviews and Lit Circles

Here is a special invitation for those who love to read to contribute to our VoiceThread Book Review project.
  • Students must use an avatar and pen name.
  • Only personal, not private information may be revealed
  • Reviewers are encouraged to check back and comment on other book reviews.

The Road to Revolution

The purpose of this project is to engage students in experiential learning through participation in online simulation. A wiki will be used to guide teachers and students through activities created by Mission US. The activities have been modified to provide teachers and students with activities in an easy-to follow format that extends beyond the walls of the classroom and allows for virtual collaboration. Many thanks to the folks at Mission 13 for creating this fabulous online learning game!

US Regions – Bring the Textbook to Life!

This goal of this project is to use a wiki as a tool for collaboration among students living in different regions of the United States. Students will participate in one activity per month designed to bring real-world perspective and personal experiences to the learning. The tech activities are designed to expose students and teachers to small pieces of technology in order to help them develop a tech toolkit of resources to use. The study of Regions of the Unites States will definitely come alive!



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