Present Slides with Captions for Screen Readers with Google Docs

Present slides with captions

While facilitating a webinar series for MyInfinitec, an agency whose goal is to provide access to the core curriculum for all learners, I’ve taken another deep dive into the current accessibility features in Google Docs for Education. One of the best takeaways has been discovering the ability to present slides with captions for screen readers with Google Docs.

How to Present Slides with Captions

Presenting Slides with captions requires the Chrome browser. It’s important to note that this feature only works when Slides is actually in Presentation Mode. In fact, the shortcut for turning on slides with captions takes on an entirely different function if prompted when a user is in Edit Mode.

The Captions feature is powered by machine learning and it is quite accurate. In fact, the typed text at the bottom of the screen does not include the “um’s” and “ah’s” muttered during a typical live broadcast. It is important to note that Captions only facilitates live broadcasts. The text is not captured and saved, rather, it disappears as the presentation continues.

Present Slides with Captions

  1. Click Present to start presenting in Chrome.
  2. Turn on captions. Press the Shortcut for your device:
  3. The captions feature will turn off when you exit Presentation Mode.

Chrome OS Ctrl + Shift + c
Windows: Ctrl + Shift + c
Mac: + Shift + c

The Benefits of Presenting Slides with Captions

Slides with Captions allow people with visual impairments to access the content through the use of a screen reader which transmits the text displayed on the screen into a form the user can process. Simply put, using this presentation method expands opportunities for more learners to access content.

The accessibility features available in Google Docs provide ALL students with access to a common learning tool that is widely available and FREE for education. To learn more about accessibility features and ways to use them to design learning experiences that support ALL learners, I invite you to attend one of my upcoming webinars, or contact me through the form below.

Upcoming Webinars

Great ways to use Google Docs for Student Driven Learning Projects

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October 16th from 4:30-5:30 EST via @MyInfinitec

Would you like to design student-driven learning projects that require students to construct knowledge as they create? Google Slides can be a useful tool for providing students with learning experiences that break traditional barriers and engage them in the process of creating. Join us for an in-depth look at great ways to use Google Slides in innovative ways that go well beyond the typical student presentation. We’ll even provide you with some templates for modification and reuse.

Registration is FREE and open to all Illinois educators, plus MyInfinitec members in other states.

Register for Webinar on SK!2

Simple K12 Webinars in October

On the last two Wednesdays in October, I’ll be presenting updated versions of some of my most popular SK-12 webinars. These webinars are open to members of the SK12 Teacher Learning Community. Learn more about SK12.

Improve Writing Skills Using Digital Writing and Google Docs


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October 23rd from 4:00 – 5:00  EST

Would you like to improve your students’ writing skills and help them bridge the gap between writing in school and writing in the real world? One way of doing so is by using digital writing and Google Docs, the documents editor available in Google Drive. Since Google Docs is collaborative and available 24/7, students using Google Docs often write more frequently and better than when given traditional paper and pencil writing tasks. Join Susan Oxnevad as she shows how to use Google Docs to thoughtfully incorporate digital writing into the curriculum. She will explain how to fully utilize the latest Google Docs features, such as integrated reference tools and collaborative revision tools to help you and your students embrace digital writing.


Register for Webinar on SK!2

Maximize Your Instruction with Google Docs


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October 30th from 4:00-5:00 PM EST

Do you sometimes wish you could do more with your instruction, but just don’t seem to have the time? Consider using Google Docs, a suite of powerful tools that you can use to maximize your instructional time. Educators can use a Google Doc to collect information, inform and assess, automate tasks, and make the workflow progress smoothly throughout any student driven learning experience. Join Susan Oxnevad as she demonstrates ways to put the power of Google Docs to work for you. She will share how you can use if for collecting and organizing information, assessing students, personalizing learning, collecting assignments, encouraging self-reflection, and so much more!

Register for Webinar on SK!2



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