Embed a Google Form in a ThingLink Video

This week, participants in the ThingLink Teacher Challenge were encouraged to Engage Students with ThingLink for Video. The goal of this challenge is to add a layer of resources and interactivity to any video to design a customized student driven learning experience. 

A great tool for customizing an educational video is the Google Form. This handy tool can be embedded right inside of a ThingLink Video tag and displayed live within the video. 

Use a Google Form with 

There are many powerful ways to use a Google Form to create a customized student driven learning experience from a video. Here are a few ideas to get started:
  • Embed a Google Form at the beginning of a video and use it for pre-assessment and pre-teaching to prepare students for instruction. 
  • Collect data through the form for informal assessment and use it to plan instructional groups for reteaching and assessment. 
  • Collect feedback from students and use it to personalize the learning and fine tune your teaching as well.

 There are many powerful possibilities with ThingLink Video and a Google Form.

Watch Video Tutorial

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