Great Ways to Use Google Docs – Presented Visually

These days a good way to capture the attention of an audience is to present information visually. For this reason, I created a glog of popular ways to use Google Docs for Learning to share with the teachers at our middle school. Just look at the glog, find something that interests you, and click on a link to see snippets of samples implemented by our teachers. Looking for more information or about any of these topics? View my Google Docs for Learning page on this blog.

Click image to jump to interactive glog

8 thoughts on “Great Ways to Use Google Docs – Presented Visually

  1. Can some2 pls explain me how do I overcome certain problems?Collaboration in Google Docs allows multiple edits in a spreadsheet and also the ability to chat with other viewers and collaborators. Though this sounds impressive, it takes away all the control from my hands. I want to have complete control of the data that I own. How about a partial view? And btw, why doesn’t this feature work always…Well went through this tool called CollateBox looks interesting to me, have to watch out for this one for online sharing and collaboration

  2. Hi Janice,The owner of a Google doc has control over it which means Google Docs are private until you decide to share or publish them.When you first create a Google Doc, you are the only person who has access to it. Scroll over the blue share button to see the visibility options of your doc at any time. If you want to make your document collaborative, you can share it with other Gmail users by typing in their email address. Those people can contribute to the document or comment on it, but they cannot share it with others. You can also publish your document so others can view it. I hope this helps.-Susan

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