BagTheWeb: Online Bookmarking Tool

BagTheWeb is one of many free online social bookmarking tools that allows users to easily create a collection of web links which are conveniently stored and shared online. This cool tool functions similarly to Delicious, utilizing  an optional bookmarklet to make collecting web links a breeze, but the organization of the links in an online bag is a unique feature that makes this tool quite appealing.

A bag of web links can collect any topic, and it can also be link to other relevant bags so there is no need to duplicate work when resources overlap. The website is very user-friendly and informative, and it includes a tutorial to help users create a bag of their own. Go to BagTheWeb Follow the numbers steps at the top of the page to get started.

One thought on “BagTheWeb: Online Bookmarking Tool

  1. Susan,One idea is you could create a recommended book bag on for your students. In time, the company will provide some affiliate marketing tools so baggers can earn compensation for their recommendations. In your case, you could re-invest those funds in school equipment/supplies, etc. for your classroom.My regards,Walter

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