Screencasting Tools

This is a free online screencasting tool with plenty of handy features. The site itself is a great source of already created tutorials and it’s worth checking out. ScreenToaster was very easy to use, and publishing a short screencast was painless. This seems like a wonderful screencasting tool and I will use it again.
Go to ScreenToaster


Jing is an old, familiar application that works well and has exciting potential, but it tends to take a long time to load and play. Jing is free, but there is a download required so this is a tool for home use. There is also a more streamlined paid version of JING that is worth checking out. 
Go to Jing
At first glance, Screenr seemed like the perfect tool for recording simple video tutorials. Creating a Screener couldn’t be easier, but publishing one was a different story. First, Screenr insisted on posting my screencast to Twitter, but then it couldn’t quite make the connection. All of the Screenrs I created are somewhere lost in CyberSpace.
Go to Screener

This is another screencasting tool that depends on Twitter for publishing, but it also has a nicely displayed collection of already created screencasts.
Go to ScreenJelly

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